Regarding ordering and buying items from our webshop

All presented in our webshop can be seen by all internet visitors, regardless of their age, since the materials, photos, etc. are not restricted to be seen or red, by any state government, of any country in the world.

Still, regarding ordering or purchasing items in our webshop we have the restriction for our customers, that they should be at least 18 years old, in order to buy something from our webshop.

Therefore, this is parental advisery, regarding buying here, in a sense that if your child would like to buy something, please, let you yourself order it on your name, adress and data needed.

The good thing is that we anyway do not send any items abroad before they are firstly paid for. Payment is done 100% in advance, or on Bank Account or via Western Union.

Therefore it is not possible that your child orders something, and it arrives at home adress and you are supposed to pay for it.

So, do not worry, it is not possible.

So, you can leave your children to watch our webshop, and this is harmless, but for the ordering you please take this step, and you yourself become a customer, since this is the only way to buy something in our shop, namely one has to be at least 18 years old.


Team of the Project Frula.Info